Jan 22, 2010

نمایشگاه تصویرسازی نسل‌های رنگین

دوستان عزیز را به بازدیداز نمایشگاه تصویرسازی نسل‌های رنگین دعوت می‌نماییم
این نمایشگاه روزشنبه 10بهمن1388 ازساعت 16- 0 2گشایش یافته وتا 15بهمن‌ماه
همه روزه از ساعت 9الی 13و15الی19در نگار خانه لاله ادامه دارد.
امید است باحضور گرم خود وبهره مند نمودن از نظرات وراهنمایی‌هایی صمیمانه
دربرگزاری پربارتر نمایشگاه‌هایی ازاین دست یاری نمایید.
لازم می‌دانیم ازتمامی عزیزانی که در برگزاری این نمایشگاه به یاری ماآمدند
وسپاسگزاری به عمل آوریم.
به امید دیدار شما وباتشکر
نشانی : خیابان فاطمی . جنب هتل لاله . نگارخانه لاله

Our(IRUS group) exhibiton / Chicago/USA

January 29 to February 4, 2010.
opening reception January 29, 2010 7-10pm

Dialogue: Presented by IRUS art (an intercultural collaborative art show between artists in Iran and the U.S.)

Opening: 7-10 PM, Friday, January 29th
Discussion Panel: 5-7 PM, Saturday, January 30th
The Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219-21 South Morgan Street, Chicago.
Free Admission.

Two teams of artists, one in Tehran and another in Denver have assembled under one name: IRUS (Iran – United States). Starting with our mutual respect for art, we have established collaborative projects between our groups. During a one-year period, each group initiated a creative piece and mailed incomplete works back and forth through completion between our two cities: either directly or through friends, relatives or acquaintances who were traveling between the U.S. and Iran. This show demonstrates the fruit of that one-year period: a vibrant collection of intercultural pieces designed to celebrate cultural differences and find harmony through art.Using “Dialogue” as our theme, it is our goal to present the perspectives of each group in a respectful, trusting and encouraging manner. In this process, we are not only developing art, but also participating in a functional dialogue with each other as artists and individuals. One component of the show is the Persian story of Scheherazade alongside the stories of Mark Twain as a conceptual framework for the art, further promoting the exploration of, and interaction between the two cultures.

For the first time in Chicago we will be displaying our dialogue to the public
beginning January 29th till February 4th at the Co-Prosperity Sphere gallery. A
discussion panel with five of the IRUS art artists will be held on January 30th, 5-7 PM.

For more information please see: http://www.irusart.org or contact irus.arts@gmail.com


This project was proposed by Mr Ali Boozari and the idea was to publish a book of Italian cuisine in two languages and the artwork for the book was done by 20 young Iranian artists, some graphic artists, some painters and some both or more. The work was done in a 3 day workshop which took place in one of Iran's most wonderful Persian gardens, at the Italian Residence with the permission of his Excellency Mr Roberto Toscano.

Jan 16, 2010

My book selected for blind kids

"من همانم ، من همانم" کتابی است که با نظر کارشناسان و صاحب‌نظران آموزش و پرورش کودکان استثنایی برای استفاده و مطالعه کودکان نابینا مناسب شناخته شده و با خط مخصوص نابینایان
بریل به چاپ رسیده است

نویسنده: فریبا کلهر
تصویرگر: ندا عظیمی
کانون پرورش فکری کودکان و نوجوانان
۱۳۸۲ ، مصور رنگی، گروه سنی ۵ تا ۸ سال، ۵۰۰۰ ریال