Jul 6, 2009

International Conference “ What a story: Children's literature Today ”.

Some times you think if it’s possible to create a new concept for child?
For instance is it possible to make a fish out of a dishcloth?
You think perpetually. You gather thinks perpetually.
You try to clean up your room perpetually but never are successful.
Sometimes you don’t have the heart to use your materials, they may run out!
And sometimes you dare to use them and so, they run out.
You don’t remember how much mess you’d made
How much you’d suffered from backache
How much you’d suffered from pain in your legs in your neck. As tables are never big enough for collage and you have to work on the floor.
And this is a mood of an illustrator who has chosen collage as a fast, simple, attractive and lovely media. Disposals, leaves, crust of trunks, torn socks and broken mirror, all can be transformed into a new shape.
That is only enough to think a little and show a little patience. Children are found of collage because that is creative and while being created, it talks to it`s creator. It suggests idea that makes you put the paper a bit crookedly and at the end you see that was better deed.
But, by all these difficulties when you think of the eyes of a child, full of joy and curiosity, looking at that picture, you feel fresh again. Hoping for the day in which we can collage smile of happiness on the lips of the all children around the world forever.
Lebanon 2009Jun

With especial thanks to:
Nazek Saba Yared
Fadia Hoteit
Lena Merhej
Rania Zaghir